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The Appleby Frodingham Fitness Club has been in existence since 1995 and exists under the authority delegated by the Executive Committee of the App Frod Sports & Social Club.

It's objective is to provide a suitable environment and equipment to promote health and fitness for its members and by so doing, support the commitment of the steelworks to the health and welfare of its employees and the wider community.


The Fitness Club’s facilities are located on the ground floor of the Brumby Hall Sports and Social Club on Ashby Road in Scunthorpe.

The fitness suite contains the following equipment:

•2 Vision Cycles

•1 Ascent Trainer

•1 BH Fitness Magna Pro Treadmill

•1 Taurus T10.3 ProTreadmill

•2 Concept 2 Rowers

•1 Powersport Guardian Pec Deck

•1 Powersport Guardian Combi Knee Extensor/Leg Curling Machine

•1 Grappler

•1 Rack of Hexagonal Dumbbells (14 pairs)

•1 Ab Cruncher

•1 Powersport Multi Gym comprising the following stations:-

•Dipping Bar

•Seated Leg Press

•High Lat Pulley

•Low Pulley

•Hip Flexor

•Shoulder Press – seated

•Bench Press

•Chinning Bar

•Abdominal board/ladder

Membership - 2024/25

AFSSC membership is required to become a member of our fitness section. (Click here to see how to become member of App Frod).

•Individual (Single member).£100.00

•Joint (Single member plus spouse or partner).£165.00

•Junior (Single member, minimum age of 18 and in full-time education).£50.00

Membership of the fitness section is currently restricted to a total of 135 members. A waiting list policy applies and individuals wishing to be considered for membership may register their personal details with the Fitness Section Treasurer either by e-mail.  or by telephone: 07977 751643

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